Who are Elterwater Press?

Based in the Lake District market town of Cockermouth, Elterwater Press is a new independent publishing company, whose aim is to produce and promote the work of local authors in Cumbria, the Borders and the Northwest of England. 

Whilst our parent company has been trading for over a decade, our publishing arm is relatively new, and reflects the fact that this aspect of our business has been growing rapidly over the past two years. To date our output has been non-fiction, with a focus on training workbooks and texts for social care, under the Strengthening Practice brand. As Strengthening Practice has continued to grow, however, so has the demand for our materials and workbooks, to the extent that we now have our own permanent design and print production team. It was therefore a natural step to create an imprint - Elterwater Press - as a vehicle to publish our non-fiction titles. We are now expanding our scope, with a move into fiction. 

We are happy to receive submissions from authors, illustrators, editors and designers. Please visit the Contribute pages for more information.

Design and Print Production Services

Elterwater Press' main purpose is to publish books and texts, but we're always willing to assist other people and organisations in their own print and publishing endeavours.

We have an in-house design and production team including graphic designers, editors, proof-readers; all of whom have many years' experience in print, web and eBook media. We can provide advice and services across the full production lifecycle, whether it be a print or digital product or website.

So if you have a project you would like a hand with, give us a call or drop us an email and we'd be delighted to discuss your needs.

Meet the Team 

Elterwater Press is a family-owned company run by a small group of talented people who are passionate about producing engaging publications. 

CirceCorp Design: Graphic Design (Covers)

Katy Curr: Proof-reader and Quality Control

Erica Fearfield: Office Manager

Jo Fox: Editorial Director and Author

Peter Fox: Creative Director and Author

Toby Gaffney: Voice Actor (audiobooks)

Lynne Swain: Business Operations Manager

Jools Watson: Graphic Design

Patty Williams: Finance and Accounts


Title image - Elter Water with the Langdale Pikes in the background. Photo: fotoVoyager.
The image under What's in a name? is of Elter Water also with the Langdale Pikes. Photo: David Moorhouse.
The Viking ship image was created for us by Donna Cunningham.