Helen Haraldsen - Author biography

Helen lives in West Cumbria on the edge of the Lake District National Park. Her passions in life have always been reading, writing and riding. She has been a horse owner since she was 10 years old and as a young girl, equestrian fiction was all she wanted to read. She was constantly dragging her parents into bookshops to look for books featuring ponies. As well as riding and reading about ponies, she also loved writing about and drawing them too.

Her career has been one of teaching. Helen started off in the primary sector, teaching years 5 and 6. She then moved into secondary teaching and currently combines teaching English with running the library at her school. This is a unique position to be in as she devotes a lot of her time to reading fiction for children and teenagers so that she can help students to find great books. She aims to inspire a love of reading and writing for pleasure in the students. She constantly promotes books in her lessons using her knowledge of a wide range of authors and novels. Helen runs the school’s reading club and she also set up a Writers & Illustrators Club.

Little Pearl is Helen's first novel and was written about her real-life first pony. It is the first in a series which will cover some of the other pony personalities Helen has known while growing up. The sequel, The Second Best Pony, is out now and the third book is due to be launched in May 2020.

For more about Helen, pop over to her author website: www.helenharaldsen.co.uk