Jo Fox (Editorial Director and Author)

With her first degree in journalism and professional writing from the University of Canberra, Jo is well-placed to provide editorial direction and support to our writers. She is herself an accomplished author of various social care texts and handbooks, and is co-presenter (along with Gerry Nosowska, chair of the British Association of Social Workers) of the popular social care podcast "Helpful Social Work."

Jo's primary responsibility is to ensure the quality, accuracy and consistency of the content of all of our publications, most especially those carrying Strengthening Practice branding. In terms of her writing, Jo's field of expertise is Children's Social Care, with additional interests in later life planning, interpersonal communication, and staff support and supervision in the health and social care domains.

Jo is an avid reader herself across a broad range of genres and subject areas, consuming both fiction and non-fiction titles at a cracking rate (averaging three books a week). As a result she has a broad appreciation of the current market, and she has a particular talent for spotting continuity issues and redundant writing. 

Jo's main complaint is that there are simply not enough hours in the day to keep up with the wealth of new titles being released!

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