Jools Watson

Jools is Elterwater Press' talented graphic designer, who brings flair to our publications and fun to our office. Since joining us, she has lifted the design quality of our output from good to outstanding, and she still manages to smile despite the sometimes ridiculous demands made upon her (as is the plight of all graphic designers). Jools also manages print production; liaising with our printers and coordinating the production schedules for our various titles.

Prior to joining Elterwater Press, Jools held graphic design roles with a number of companies and organisations in England's northeast, including Rolls Royce and Newcastle United Football Club. She has also provided services to numerous clients as a freelance designer. 

Jools is also known locally as the former owner of Cockermouth's Sweet & Fudge Shop, which was hugely popular with the town's inhabitants - young and old - until the floods of 2015 sadly washed away much of Cockermouth's Main Street. The dentists' loss was Elterwater's gain.