K.S. Aitken - Author biography

K.S. Aitken is the pen name chosen by the talented members of the Keswick School Writers and Illustrators Club. Seventeen people wrote The Reader: Helen Robinson, Christine Smith, Isabella Hankin, Heather Matthews, Amy Lord, Holly Adams, Georgia Howsen, Amy Fell, Ruth Jennings, Emily Dunn, Anisya Morrison, Samuel Hignett, Kristen Henderson, Ashia Cannon, Bryony Sleath, Andalucia Armstrong Squires and Jenny Dunn.

The name Aitken honours Rosemary Aitken, Keswick School’s Head Girl in 1932 and later a foundation governor for eleven years. She also left money to the Keswick School Library when she died in 1990, so the library too bears her name.

And the initials K and S? They stand for Keswick School of course!

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