Little Pearl

By Helen Haraldsen

Have you ever wanted something really badly, then got it and wished you had something else?

Amber has always felt a special bond with her favourite riding school pony, Pearl, and when her parents buy Pearl for her she is over the moon. However, when Amber meets Joanne and her fiery show jumper, Flash, Amber starts to wonder if Pearl is the pony for her after all.

Only in the aftermath of a terrible accident does Amber finally realise that Pearl truly is a special pony.

Praise for Little Pearl 

"'Little Pearl' is an amazing book and I hope that Helen Haraldsen writes a series based on this story! This book has great characters. Amber is a very realistic character and I feel as if I know her well. I really enjoyed this book and will be looking out for more by this author." – Reader, aged 10

"I've just read your book while on a flight to Canada. It was a lovely story, full of memories of growing up as a pony mad child, but with an important lesson for children to learn at the same time." – Ros Canter, World Champion Three-Day Eventer

"I enjoyed Little Pearl, and really connected with its message about ponies needing to be treated with respect as individuals. It is a thoughtful, realistic story which places respect for ponies right at its heart." – Sheena Wilkinson, award winning author

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