Manuscript Submission Guidelines

You've been working on your project and now you're looking for a publisher. You may have already finished, or perhaps you're still crafting your story but want to explore publishing options. We welcome submissions from authors, but we ask that you please follow the guidelines as requested below as this helps us assess your proposal. Having been through this process ourselves in the past, we know how daunting it can feel, and we promise to treat you and your work with the respect and care you deserve.   

You can send your submission by email (PDF preferred) to:

or in hard copy by post or courier to:

Elterwater Press
5A Main Street
CA13 9LE
United Kingdom

Your submission should include:

  1. Covering letter, which gives a bit of an introduction to you and the piece of work you are submitting. You should also include contact information and state whether you have sent the work to anyone else. 
  2. Synopsis, including the following sections: 
    • Title (e.g. Jenny Climbs a Mountain)
    • Genre (e.g. historical fiction)
    • Target readership (e.g. young adult)
    • Word length (e.g. 95,800 words)
    • Concept (What is the work about, in a couple of paragraphs?)
    • Story Synopsis (A brief overview of the story or contents, no more than three pages)
  3. Market Analysis, in which you provide an assessment of the marketability of your work, in what form/s you think it should be published (e.g. Hardback, Kindle, eBook, etc), how and where it might be sold, what similar or competing titles already exist in the market, why your work is unique, what other special qualities you or your work may have.
  4. Independent Manuscript Review/s, if you have any (e.g. from an agent, a manuscript assessment service, another publisher, or an editor).
  5. Author’s Biography & Previously Published Titles. Whilst you can send us a CV, we want to know about you - what makes you tick? What inspires you and gets you out of bed every day? Why do you write?
  6. Table of Contents and Chapter Outline. We are happy for a simple table of contents, but you may also provide a brief chapter outline if you'd prefer to provide a bit more detail.
  7. Series Outline (if your work is part of a series of books)
  8. Sample Chapters of your Manuscript. Normally it would be the start of the book, and usually the first three chapters. You may, however, choose to send us somewhere else in your book if you think that best illustrates your talent and the quality of your writing and imagination. We prefer A4 sheets formatted for double-sided printing and with line spacing set at 1.5x to 2x. 
  9. Self-addressed mailing envelope suitable for the return of your submission, with return postage attached - but only if you're submitting hard copy. 

Please be aware that we're pretty busy, so it can take up to six weeks to review your work. We will, however, let you know as soon as we receive it so that you aren't left wondering whether it even arrived.