The Reader

By K.S. Aitken

"The book did not remember when it began to think, or when it began to feel. But it was watching. Always watching. Waiting for another reader."

People say that books come alive for them. What if this was true? What if there was such a book out there: alive, with thoughts, feelings and opinions, wishing for more than just sitting on shelves waiting to be read? What if that book – in an attempt to understand the human condition – decided to intervene in its readers' lives and take away the sadness, anger and hurt that the humans it encountered felt?

It soon learns, however, that humanity is not so easily changed for the better…

'The Reader' is a narrative bursting with ideas and invention, written by the talented members of the Keswick School Writers and Illustrators Club under the pen name of K.S. Aitken.