Trusting Molly

By Helen Haraldsen

The problem with perfection is... there's no such thing. 

Amber thought she had the perfect pony in Molly: she’s beautiful, athletic and a prize-winning show jumper—everything a rider could want… but one thing is missing: trust.

Desperate to keep up with her friends and match their success, Amber tries to regain her confidence in the talented pony, but try as she might, she struggles to find the key that will allow her to connect with Molly.

When the opportunity to compete in a Pony Club tetrathlon presents itself, Amber is determined not to let her teammates down.  She throws herself into training for the shooting, running and swimming phases, but when it comes to the riding phase, should she stick with her reliable Fell pony Honey and risk the inevitable time penalties, or take a risk and ride Molly?

Amber is faced with an impossible decision: which pony should she choose?