Wolf of Dumnonia

By Peter Fox

Saeric, recently-escaped slave, is running for his life. Prompted to flee his Saxon masters by visions of his younger brother, Saeric flees westward towards his former home. Weakened by years of thralldom and hindered by the iron chains that bind his ankles, he eventually succumbs to his exhaustion, to be found by a new master, Heremund, blacksmith of Scirburne; himself a man with a mysterious past. Thus, Saeric’s brief taste of freedom is snuffed out, and with it, his dreams of reclaiming his kingdom. His only hope now is Caelin, who he prays will find him before it’s too late. 

In far away Norvegr, Caelin ap Cadwyr–known to his Viking family as Rathulf–is preparing to leave his fjordland home to seek out his brother. At his side is his best friend Alrik, but just days before setting sail, the curse of Fenrir strikes again…
Wolf of Dumnonia is the second volume in the historical adventure series The Wolves of Dumnonia.

Praise for Book 1 in the series, The Shadow of Fenrir:

“The closest thing you’ll get to a time machine. Peter Fox’s rousing tale thrusts you into a dark age world that envelops every sense so powerfully you feel like you’re pounding through the mud beside the characters. A remarkable debut. Recommended.” – James Wilde, author of the bestselling Hereward series.

“An entertaining read for lovers of historical fiction, especially those who enjoy a Viking saga. I look forward to the next instalment.” – Juliet Marillier, author of the Blackthorn & Grim and Warrior Bards series.

“It has all the right attributes for a rip-roaring yarn - class characters and a gripping story. Now I have to get the other books in the series to see where it all leads.” – Robert Low, author of the Oathsworn and Kingdom series.

The Wolves of Dumnonia

Explore the rich world of the Wolves of Dumnonia here.

Inspired by events recorded in the early medieval Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, the Wolves of Dumnonia saga recounts the twilight years of one of the last great British kingdoms: Dumnonia. The series follows the lives of the two surviving heirs, Aneurin and Caelin, who are symbolized by the two wolves of their family’s royal standard. Separated in childhood amidst their treacherous uncle’s violent conquest of Dumnonia, the two brothers have led utterly different lives as they have grown into manhood. A mystical strand of awareness binds them, however, and as the saga progresses, their paths begin to converge as each seeks out the other. Both wolven kin are driven by the same unwavering purpose: to one day return to their homeland and together reclaim their stolen kingdom.